About thee Cherokee child

To start, my name is Cierra. I’m quite proud to be a registered tribal citizen of the Cherokee Nation (hints the name of my blog). Regardless of the fact that I’m not quite close to 100% , I’m still proud of my ancestry roots and they have shaped the free spirit that I am today. Catch me out and you will most likely see me wearing some sort of native inspired accessory, my obsession with turquoise is SO REAL.

I’m 28 years young, currently living in New Jersey with my awesome ( sometimes annoying) Husband & our super adorable son, Brodi AKA, my little bee. We are just shy of 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia. Still have not been converted to an Eagles fan. I cannot forget my all time favorite city, Pittsburgh, PA (closest city to my good ol’ hometown of Eastliverpool, Ohio). You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl, is 100% accurate in terms of my life. Apparently my accent is so strong , that throughout the years everyone questions if I grew up down south. I guess it’s just the West Virginia in me?

(yes , I was born in WV, and no it’s not as bad as it may seem).

I took a break from writing to focus on relocating and discovering motherhood. Throughout my pregnancy journey and now the journey of raising my son, I still was an unlicensed therapist for my friends who needed advice đŸ˜‰ I write about life, careers, family. Essentially anything and everything. I write articles in hopes that my readers can relate to them. I talk about modern day millennial relationships as if I’m some sort of expert and hope at least one or two of my readers or listeners will take the advice I have at times often ignored myself.

I’m still stumbling around trying to learn & discover who I’m meant to be and where I’m meant to end up. BUT, the good news is , I have realized the one whom I am certain was made for me and the life we have created with our tiny human has been lifes greatest adventure. Motherhood thus far has been a wild ride and I still do not have this s*it figured out. Excuse my language, but it’s the honest truth. Life can be hard. Adulting can be hard. I’m no negative Nancy, I’m a realist. I’m honest. Life isn’t always hard, but it sure is not always easy , but that is what makes life beautiful.

I hope sharing my articles hit home for my readers, and I hope to inspire others to do what makes their heart more full. As writing is a passion that I will continue to somehow make time for while juggling motherhood, working full time , and finishing my masters (unofficially).

Thanks for reading,

I love you all